Published: November 2016

354 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9575725-8-4

What Are They Teaching The Children?

The education of the next generation is a key battleground for the soul of our society.

What Are They Teaching the Children? is a collection of in-depth essays by leading experts on various aspects of education in British schools. In particular, the authors expose the way in which state education has become a vehicle for promoting secular and liberal beliefs about religion, morality and the family, overriding the wishes of the parents.


  • Rev Lynda Rose

  • Edmund P. Adamus

  • Anthony Busk

  • June Cash

  • The Baroness Cox

  • Robert S. Harris

  • Edmund Matyjaszek

  • Dr Alistair Noble

  • Philip Quenby

  • Dr Christopher Shell

“Should education become a vehicle for ideologies, however controversial? This book puts a much-needed searchlight on educational trends that seem to be part of a wider attempt to remove Christian influence from public life.”
Roger Trigg, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Warwick

“A must read for anyone concerned about the direction of education! It raises significant questions about what is happening in schools, which no one who cares about the future of the young, and therefore of the nation, should ignore. ”
Patricia Morgan, Author and Research Sociologist