Published: July 2014

278 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9575725-3-9

The Marriage Files: The Purpose, Limits And Fate Of Marriage

The Marriage Files explores the state of the conjugal family and the sociological implications of ‘equal marriage’.

Less than a year after clearing the House of Commons in July 2013 the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013 came into effect. Patricia Morgan questions how such a monumental decision − to redefine the essence of marriage − was taken so effortlessly. She goes on to consider the future for marriage.

Author, Patricia Morgan, is an independent researcher and the author of several books on crime, family policy and family development. She has worked for several think tanks and has been a frequent contributor to television and radio debates, periodicals and national newspapers.


“Monogamous marriage between man and woman has been at the heart of Western civilisation from its very beginnings. Many believe that the introduction of gay marriage will be a harmless amendment to an institution that will be largely unaffected by it. Patricia Morgan’s research shows that this is not so.”
Professor Sir Roger Scruton

“Morgan’s impressive research convincingly debunks the government’s far-fetched contention that same-sex marriage will strengthen the institution.”
Piers Paul Reed





Prophecy Today UK review The Marriage Files

“I read this book with interest since we live in a time when once-accepted norms about sexual identity, marriage and the family face constant challenge. Until recently, there was an agreed understanding of the definition and role of marriage – but no longer.”