ISBN: 978-0-9575725-0-8

Published in: March 2013

Kindle Edition: £4.99

Belief And The Nation

This engaging book explains the reasons why Christian principles can form the basis of a flourishing society and goes on to offer a Christian perspective on specific contemporary issues. These include human rights and discrimination, free speech, the role of government, the welfare state, the family, abortion and euthanasia, education, environment, crime and punishment, the markets, debt, foreign policy and overseas aid.

Belief and the Nation offers important insights for those of all faiths or none, seeking to understand the forces of social change today, examining ideologies and policies that are played out in contemporary politics. Politics is for everyone, because we all have a vote and can influence those who govern us.

“Here is a tour de force from a polymath, encompassing spheres from social justice to education, bioethics to commerce, government to family life – and all from the perspective of a deep Christian thinker.”

The Rev. Paul Perkin, Vicar, St. Mark’s Church, Battersea Rise, and Chairman, Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans UK and Ireland

“In a wide ranging and thought provoking book, John Scriven helpfully tackles an impressive sweep of thorny, contemporary, political and social issues with both legal insight and theological acumen.”

HH Judge David Turner QC 

John Scriven worked with a London law firm for over 30 years and was Chairman of The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship from 2003 to 2011. He is currently a trustee of The Christian Medical Fellowship. He is the author of legal textbooks and contributed to Religion and Law (Theos) and Magna Carta Unravelled (Wilberforce Publications).