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Same-Sex Parenting Research

Refutes the theory that there is no difference between the outcomes of same-sex parenting and opposite-sex parenting


The Reshaping of Britain

A living record of contemporary history charting societal and spiritual changes over 60 years

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The New Normal

Shows how the transgender movement damages individuals and society


The Nation’s Gospel

How the Christian faith was spread in Britain from the Reformation to Wesley 9 editable text FOR KINDLE.png

Edmund Burke’s Battle With Liberalism

Shows how secular humanist liberalism undermines the God-given and organic order of society


The Moral Case For Conservatism

Shows how a conservative philosophy underpinned by Christian belief can be good for society

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Gospel Culture

Brings Christian teaching to bear on the world we live in


Gospel Witness

How to speak of the gospel to a secular world


What Are They Teaching The Children?

How State education undermines morality and the family


Jephthah’s Children

Tells the personal stories of children raised by same-sex parents


Not The Same God

Refutes the claim that Allah is the same as the God of the Bible


The Mission Of God

A theological masterpiece that applies the Lordship of Christ to all creation


Faith, Freedom & The Future

Discusses contemporary issues in the church and society

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Belief And The Nation

Applies Christian political philosophy to government and public policy

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Christians In The Firing Line

The first book of UK Christians who have been in the courts for their faith


The Marriage Files

A sociological study of the limits and future of marriage after ‘equal’ marriage

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Free At Last?

Explores the legacy of slavery in the UK

Magna Carta Unravelled

Traces the origins of Magna Carta and the challenges to Christian freedoms today


Talking About Dying

Wisdom from a wealth of pastoral and medical experience