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The New Normal - The Transgender Agenda

Shows how the transgender movement damages individuals and society

What is the goal and purpose of a constructive theology addressing how transgender issues affect children today?

  • To glorify God.

  • To provide a framework for the education and care of children which will ensure their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

  • To bring up children who will grow to be resilient in the face of the transgender attack on reality.

  • To live faithfully as God created humans - male and female. Children have a need and therefore a right to be reared by their parents in such a way that they can grow up to be at peace with being male or female as their created nature requires.

    Dr Carys Moseley
    (Opening paragraph of Chapter 1)

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Review of The New Normal
by Bill Muehlenberg

“What is new is not always normal, and some rather abnormal things are now being forced into attempted normalcy by activists and militants. The transgender agenda is…”