Published: July 2016

224 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9575725-7-7

Not The Same God: Is The Qur’anic Allah The Lord God Of The Bible?

The Qur’an claims that Allah and the God of the Bible is one and the same.

In this book Solomon and Debs draw on Qur’anic scholarship to present a compelling case against this doctrine of ‘sameness’.

Author, Sam Solomon, a former Islamic jurist, was born and raised as a Muslim and trained in Sharia law for 15 years before converting to Christianity. Sam is the Islamic Affairs Adviser to Christian Concern.

Co-author, Dr Atif Debs, was also born and raised as a devout Muslim but, upon discovering “truth” in Biblical Christianity, has increasingly dedicated his time to researching the relationship between Islam and Christianity.

“Sam Solomon and Atif Debs draw on Qur’anic scholarship to present a clear and compelling case to reject this false identification of Allah with the God of the Bible.”
Colin Dye, Senior Minister of Kensington Temple

“Sam Solomon shows us with pristine clarity that the Allah of the Qur’an seeks to undermine the very mission of Jesus Christ. In today’s cultural milieu this is one of the most important books available on Islam, and every Christian should read it.”
Rev. Dr Joe Boot, Director of the Wilberforce Academy, UK

“The author (writing with Atif Debs) – both of whom are former Muslims – make a convincing case that Islamic theology amounts to a complete contradiction of the Judeo-Christian faith.”
Charles Gardner, Journalist, writing for ‘Israel Today’




Prophecy Today UK reviews Not The Same God

“That is the no-nonsense conclusion of Sam Solomon’s recent book, Not the Same God, dedicated to tackling a thorny theological issue which has left many confused and misguided.”