Published: June 2017

436 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9956832-4-2

The Nation’s Gospel: Spreading The Christian Faith In Britain Since The Reformation

Volume 1 - Reformation to Revolution (1516 -1791)

The Nation’s Gospel is a unique four-volume work, which takes the reader on a journey to explore how the Christian faith has been spread in Britain since the Reformation.

This is living history, telling the stories of the Christian faith of past generations and its outworking in society, which has much to teach us today.

Volume 1 (1516-1791) Reformation to Revolution, traces the stories of faith and the methods used to proclaim it from the beginning of the Reformation, through the persecution under Queen Mary, the Elizabethan Period, the rise of Puritanism and the Civil War to the Wesleyan revival.

Author, Jeremy Thomas, spent much of his career in the City as a corporate lawyer with an international law firm. He has made numerous contributions to legal books and periodicals relating to public international law, human rights and general commercial law. He is a member of the Bishop’s Council of the Diocese of London and the Two Cities Area Council.

“A splendid and unique achievement in providing a panoramic history of gospel work and growth in Britain from the Reformation onwards…This book beats with the same gospel heart as those faithful servants of Christ down the centuries, whose labours it records and celebrates. I warmly commend it.”

Rev. David Jackman, Former President of the Proclamation Trust, London






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