What do a nurse, a teacher, a prison chaplain, a counsellor and a magistrate have in common with street preachers?

These are among the many people who have encountered serious problems at work because of their Christian faith. Some have lost their jobs and others have faced censure.

This book represents the second selection of cases which The Christian Legal Centre has taken on, covering the period from 2013. These are the stories of Christians who have chosen to risk their livelihoods and, in some instances, their liberty to make a stand for truth and freedom. In all their challenges, their faith has stood firm and this should be an inspiration to many.

The book also illustrates the seismic shift in the values promoted by our institutions. All those concerned about the health of our society, whether or not Christian, should be troubled.


Richard Scott has worked as a surgeon, GP and evangelist in England, India and parts of Africa. Richard has recovered well from cancer, which is the subject of his second book.


“A vital and disturbing book on the increasingly aggressive hostility towards biblical Christianity in Britain. An essential read for any Christian – and that’s most of us – in positions where what is said or done might bring us under attack. A book to be read through, prayed over and acted on.”
The Rev Canon J. John, Director of the Philo Trust


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ISBN: 978-1-9995842-0-7