Rev. Dr. Joe Boot is Founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity and the Senior Pastor of Westminster Chapel, Toronto.

He is also the Director of the Wilberforce Academy and Head of Public Theology at Christian Concern in the UK, and Senior Fellow of the think-tank truthXchange and of the Centre for Cultural Leadership in the US. He is the author of Searching for Truth (2003), Why I Still Believe (2005) and How Then Shall We Answer? (2008). Published March 2016.

This book is an intellectual masterpiece; it is first rate scholarship – a theological and historical gem… it is the theological apologetic to act out God’s truth in every sphere of life in 21st century Britain and beyond… This book is changing lives.
Andrea Williams, CEO, Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre

The most comprehensive and cogent argument for the perpetuity of God’s moral law as it relates to civil legislation written in 40 years…A breath of fresh air amid both the hermeneutical nihilism and pietism retreatism in the modern church… An intellectual for to be reckoned with.
Dr P. Andrew Sandlin, President Center for Cultural Leadership, California

Bold, provocative and illuminating, The Mission of God is a potential game changer for modern societies. It challenges the secular modus vivendi and summons the Christian church to applied biblical radicalism.
Jonathan Burnside, Professor of Biblical Law at the University of Bristol

Published March 2016.