In a work of serious scholarship The Marriage Files explores the state of the conjugal family and the sociological ramifications in the aftermath of ‘equal marriage’.

Less than a year after clearing Commons in July 2013 the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013 came into effect. But how did such a monumental decision to redefine the essence of marriage slip by so effortlessly, and what is the fate of marriage?

Patricia Morgan is an independent researcher and writer on crime, family policy and family development. Her numerous books include Delinquent Fantasies (1978), Who Needs Parents? (1996), The War Between the State and the Family (2007), and Family Matters: Family Breakdown and its Consequences (2004). Morgan has worked for a number of think tanks and has been a frequent contributor to television and radio debates, periodicals, student texts and national newspapers.

“Explosively sane and coolly reasoned, The Marriage Files boldly challenges the madness of much contemporary social thinking and policy. Will Morgan’s arguments be debated as they deserve? The future of the Western world hangs in part on the answer to that question.”
Dr. Os Guinness

“Monogamous marriage between man and woman has been at the heart of Western civilisation from its very beginnings. Many believe that the introduction of gay marriage will be a harmless amendment to an institution that will be largely unaffected by it. Patricia Morgan’s research shows that that is not so.”
Professor Roger Scruton

Published July 2014.