Jephthah’s Children is a chronicle of everything that has gone wrong because of the movement to normalise same-sex parenting.

The personal stories of children raised by same-sex parents are heartfelt and painful, and they speak for themselves. The authors also examine the cultural, philosophical and political context of this momentous change and reflect upon the resulting increased power of the state once the organic bonds of society are dissolved.

Gay parenting has been a huge and risky social experiment: only a generation later can the outcomes be fully visible. There is a powerful case here for a serious rethink.
Rev. Dr John Nolland, Visiting Professor, University of Bristol

Dr Lopez has assembled a brilliant group of people…each with their own story to tell. Unique and compelling.
Sandy Rios, Director of Governmental Affairs, American Family Association

This is a very disturbing book. In our time God is calling prophets to unveil the truth about the sexual revolution and its effects, especially on children. Robert Lopez is such a prophet.
Rev. Andrew Symes, Executive Secretary, Anglican Mainstream

This is the book everyone would be reading if they wanted to have an honest and intelligent conversation about the sex and gender issues roiling society today.
Helen M. Alvare, Professor of Law, Scalia Law School, George Mason University, Virgina

Published November 2016.