Free At Last? is the result of a longitudinal study covering the past 50 years in some of the inner-city areas involved in the riots of 2011 that began in Tottenham North London.

It uncovers a legacy of slavery that affects both black and white young people today in ghettos of poverty and unemployment of British cities. History has drawn a veil over the atrocities of colonial and industrial slavery for more than 200 years. Free at Last? strips away this veil to reveal a truth that affects our society today.

Having worked closely with leaders in the African and Caribbean-led churches in Britain, author Dr Clifford Hill, prolific author of over 40 titles, calls for a greater recognition of the work and unique position of the church to reach young people in inner-city areas, beyond the reach of other agencies.

“A distinctive and richly-informed assessment of the causes of the 2011 riots.”
John Wolffe, Professor of Religious History in the Open University

“A ‘must read’ for all who seek to make a contribution to the solution of our inner-city problems.”
Revd Phyllis Thompson

Published April 2014.