Belief and the Nation applies Christian political philosophy to current concerns.

Such as: democracy; the welfare state; education; crime and punishment; questions about the beginning and end of life; the importance of the family; equality; freedom of expression; social justice; human rights; the markets and debt; globalisation, overseas aid and foreign policy. Addressing complex issues with great clarity, it is intended to stimulate wide-ranging reflection and discussion.

Author John Scriven was Chairman of The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship from 2003 to 2011. Having been a practising lawyer for over 30 years, he has also written his own legal publications, as well as contributing to Religion and Law, published by Theos in 2012.

“In a wide ranging and thought provoking book, John Scriven helpfully tackles an impressive sweep of thorny, contemporary, political and social issues with both legal insight and theological acumen.”
HH Judge David Turner QC

“I am really impressed at how comprehensive this is and from a mind that can address so many issues. This is the kind of Christian thinking that we need in our country and in the world today.”
Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

Published March 2013