Wilberforce Publications

Applying Christian principles

Welcome to the website for Wilberforce Publications.

We publish books and ebooks that examine the impact of Christian ethics and theology on political thought and politics today. They look at the implications of this thinking for society and the lives of individuals.

Our books and ebooks explore questions such as

  • Can Christian philosophy and the Bible illuminate the social and economic challenges that Britain and the West face today?
  • What have Christian thinkers to say about democracy and accountability, freedom and order, human rights and discrimination, debt and the markets, aid and foreign policy?
  • Can a Christian perspective contribute to the common good?
  • How can individuals with a Christian faith live out their lives with integrity?

In short, our books and ebooks aim to

  • Explain how a Christian vision can transform societies and individuals
  • Equip Christians to speak for, and live out, their faith in the face of the many challenges of the secular world

The first book is Belief and the Nation, published in March 2013, which

  • Examines the foundations and outworking of Christian political thought with reference to secular philosophy
  • Applies Christian thinking to the multiple social and economic challenges facing our nation today

The second book (publication in summer 2013) is Christians in the Firing Line.

The book will tell the inspiring personal stories of a number of Christians who (with the support of the Christian Legal Centre), have made a stand for Christian principles in the public arena and in the courts.

This has involved great personal sacrifice on the part of the individuals concerned and a determination to put their faith first, above all personal circumstances.